IDing and Who's Who?"

By FCC regulations, you must always identify your station’s callsign within every 10 minutes. If you are Calling another party or making a Test transmission, this is a one-way transmission. Since it has no "length" as there is no QSO taking place, you should identify each time you make a Call or a Test transmission. When identifying yourself and another party (or parties), or when making a Directed Call, your callsign goes LAST. "N3XYZ, K3ABC" means that K3ABC is calling N3XYZ, not the other way around. There is no need to identify each time you make a transmission, only once every 10 minutes. You do not need to identify the station with which you are speaking, only your own callsign, but it is generally polite to remember the call of the other station. Avoid phonetics on FM unless there is a reason for using them, such as the other station misunderstanding your callsign. When phonetics is needed, stick to the standard phonetic alphabet.

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Posted on MAY 01, 2015