I wanted to post this about a year ago but it slipped through the cracks! A step-by-step Baofeng Brick Fix. I haven’t tested these steps with the new 8-watters, but I have “Imported” and “Loaded” one with frequencies. I’m not sure if it works with the other radios that Chirp supports, but as long as you can find the Original Factory .img file it should.

 After scurrying over the internet, this is what I came up with to fix the Baofeng UV-5R Brick. I included instructions for both Window and Linux using CHIRP.

 The newer Baofengs are being corrupted by older image files! No reception? No transmit? Other things seem odd? Your Baofeng's been “Bricked”! But don't throw that brick away just yet!!!

I think the problem is in the feature settings. New features are being added and old ones deleted.

 I hope this will resurrect at least one Baofeng Brick and good luck on getting a fully functional radio once again!

Proceed at your own risk! CVARC and/or I will not be held responsible for any damage or mishaps that may occur to your brick and/or radio.
Brad - KB3SWW

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Posted on OCT 07, 2016

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