“Upload” someone else's “.img” file to your radio!!!
Instead, you need to use "Export" and "Import".
Open your NEW CHIRP.
Hook-up the alias radio and run "Download from Radio" to get their list.
See Steps 3 and 4.
Click "File" then "Export".
Give it a name and save the file as a “.csv” file.
Close CHIRP and disconnect the radio.
Open CHIRP and hook-up the radio to be programmed.
Close all tabs. (Freq Lists)
Click on "Import"
Change the "CHIRP Radio Images (.img)", that's above the "Open/Cancel" buttons, to "CSV Files (.csv)".
Open the “.csv” file you saved earlier.
Click on "Radio" then "Upload to Radio".
You should now have the new list programmed in your radio!
Disconnect and test her out.
If you still can't get it to work, double check the version number.
Make sure you're getting the EXACT version or it will never work!!!
Try another cable, yours could be bad.
Then again, you just might have a $30 Brick!
If this saves your Brick, drop me an email and let me know.
Here’s my “.csv” file for South Central PA.
There's Repeaters from PA, MD, WV and VA along with some local Police, Fire and Ambulance. Feel free to load it!
Brad Jones- KB3SWW
Vice President of CVARC
and Webmaster for w3ach.org

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Posted on OCT 07, 2016

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