The Cumberland Valley Amateur Radio Club 2006 Picnic

(Group Photo!)


Is our club going to the dogs or what???  This is Maggie, the Icom Hound!

The Gang!


KB3MMX-Chuck's XYL and Harmonic


Bill-K3ZIV knows exactly how to assemble the tent!


Bob-N3POW inspects the food.


Bill-K3ZIV takes a rest after wrestling with tent.  (Not sure who won)


Milt-N3LTQ sneaks a quick snack!


Mike-KB3EHT is off to hunt the 'fox'.


Chuck-KB3MMX takes a break from doing . . . well, whatever Chuck does.


Chuck-KB3MMX with the cutest harmonic you've ever seen!


Uh oh, no good can come of this!

Joe - KB3MOU keeps an
eye on the riff-raff.

Todd - N3MMH working a little 20m action! 
"I have an Icom hat, sunglasses, an HF rig with a wire and cool beverage.  Time to call CQ!"  Too bad that's a Kenwood rig!


Milt-N3LTQ with Darrell-N3QBI



Clete-WB2CPN searches for the 'fox'.

Daniel-KB3MUN looks for the 'fox'.


Mike-K3XH with Milt-N3LTQ prepare to go fox hunting!  What, no weapons???


Darrell-N3QBI tells Chuck-KB3MMX to look the other way.


Milt-N3LTQ is dialing in on the fox!


Mike-K3XH (our most gracious host!) takes a well deserved break.


A rare sight indeed!  Darrell-N3QBI with Dave-K3NRK working a little HF.


And then there were three.  Brian-W3PDW, Mike-KB3EHT and Todd-N3MMH chatting away.


Todd-N3MMH logs another HF contact with a beverage antenna!

Another cute harmonic from Chuck-KB3MMX.