The Cumberland Valley Amateur Radio Club
celebrates their 50th Anniversary!

The Picnic Site at Mike's Place - K3XH

Darrell (N3QBI), "The more you operate, the stronger your arm gets from keying up."  Todd (N3MMH) listens with bated breath.

Clete (WB2CPN) surveys the land and keeps us all in line.









 . . . and even more FOOD!


Dave (KB3HUC) with George (N3GH)


Clete (WB2CPN) demos HF for the some guests.


Did I mention the FOOD????

Raffle Time!  Todd (N3MMH) draws the winners while Dave (KB3HUC) is left holding the bag. (hi hi)  Looks like the Bear is about to attack!


Dave (KB3HUC) with a special guest, the ARRL Atlantic Vice Director Bill Edgar (N3LLR) presents the club the anniversary cake.

The CVARC 50th Anniversary cake!  MORE FOOOOD!