Violetta-KM4ATT (DXCC)

Presentation of Yaesu-950

In June of 2016 Shannon-KA8JRQ gave his daughter, Violetta Latham-KM4ATT, a challenge to work 100 countries in one year and he would get her a rig of her own.

Violetta-KM4ATT worked feverishly all year and came to the June’s Meeting with 101 countries logged! Shannon-KA8JRQ, being true to his word, presented Violetta-KM4ATT with this awesome Yaesu-950 HF Radio!!!

Violetta-KM4ATT was extremely surprised and very happy. Who wouldn’t be with that killer rig? She worked very hard to earn her radio and we are all so very proud of her!

The club would like to congratulate Violetta-KM4ATT for becoming a member of the DX Century Club!!! This young lady is Totally Awesome!!!

Violetta-KM4ATT is one of eight licensed HAMs in the Latham family. Only the 5 year old doesn’t have a ticket yet, only because she’s still learning to read, Shannon–KA8JRQ joked.

Keep an eye on HAM NATION as they want to do an interview with the Latham family in the near future.

The club can’t wait for it and again, CONGRATULATIONS VIOLETTA-KM4ATT on your latest accomplishment!!!!!!!

Correction: Rachel-KM4ATS recently passed her Extra Exam at the Hamfest! Congratulations!!!!


Updated on June 25, 2017