This is where it all began.  Building #426 at Letterkenny Army Depot.

The mission: To get a new rig on the air!
January  9, 2005

**Thanks to George (N3GH) for the pictures.**

Darrell N3QBI), along with Todd (N3MMH), Milt (N3LTQ) and Bill (KB3LDA) observing the meters, make sure the gizmo's are tightened and all is well for the rig to be fired up for the first time.

Dave (KB3HUC) inspects the electrical handy work of George N3GH and Bill (KB3LDA).  Still wondering if those electrons are flowing uphill?


Milt (N3LTQ) gives Todd (N3MMH) a lesson on the fine art of wire crimping.


Dave (N3YFS) getting ready to program the Kenwood TM-700.  Darrell (N3QBI) stands at the ready . . . just in case.

Gerry (KB3BGF) and Bill (KB3LDA) observing the handy work of the 'experts'.


Milt (N3LTQ), "Locking washer first, then the solid washer!"  Todd (N3MMH) gets another lesson.  Meanwhile, Dave (N3YFS) is getting the laptop ready to program the Kenwood.

Could it be!  YES!  The antenna is mounted and the coax is connected!


Power supply <check>, Kenwood TM-700 <check>, coax connected <check>.  Time to test the first rig!

And here it is!  The first station is setup and ready for operation!


Todd (N3MMH) gets yet another lesson, this time from Darrell (N3QBI).  Darrell (N3QBI), "The PTT button is on the black thing that has the curly cable connected to it.  You push it to transmit."  (Good thing they didn't have that kind of stuff on the test.)