At the January 2007 CVARC meeting, and as the Activities Manager position was/is un-manned, the elected officers were placed in the role of Activities Manager with the understanding that they would provide oversight to others who took on a particular activity. The idea was so that one person does not bear all the burden of all the activities. A side effect is that many different people can easily get involved. Do note that the position of advocate can be filled by more than one person.

You might notice that the currently listed activities advocated are essentially the out-reach type activities in which the club has recently participated. There is no particular reason that new or different activities cannot be assigned advocates.

As I envision it (although this is not necessarily the final word) is that the advocate would have a brief assignment (think job or task description), have a budget (depending on the activity), and would be able to draw on the club for support and personnel. Some projects are by design much bigger that the club (e.g., MTeC); in those cases, CVARC as the sponsoring club would look to the advocate to organize the resources from outside the club as well as the club's direct contribution. In other projects where the club's contribution is part of a larger effort (e.g., the Mercersburg Parade), the advocate would work with that sponsoring organization to fit the club's contribution into the larger effort.


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