You might be wondering if an advocacy position could be filled by one who is not a member of the club. As to that question, I'm not sure if anyone considered that possibility in the discussion, I know I didn't. The discussion that transpired was premised on the understanding that the advocacy would be filled by a club member.

As was stated in my "state of the club" talk, I do see there is benefit with recognizing that we as a club "can not do it all", neither do I think that we as a club "should do it all". As to the first, where nearby clubs or groups of hams are doing something that we are not; I see benefit in supporting that by means not limited to encouragement, publication, and encouraging participation for interested parties (one example is the ARA does licensing exams; it makes more sense to support them than attempting to duplicate the effort).

As to the second point, I want the club to encourage the initiative of its members to form "special interest groups" or SIG to accomplish a particular project or operation. Where possible, the club will support these initiatives as we would support nearby clubs and groups--but with perhaps even more enthusiasm. These endeavors can even request the use of the club's identity, such as the science fair project has. I see no particular requirement that the SIG must be tightly bound or governed by CVARC. The activities at Rick's mountain site would, in my mind, be an example of such a specia interest group.


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