Notify CVARC of Intention to
Enter a Qualifying Project

The student desiring to compete for one of the Cumberland Valley Amateur Radio Club Award for Radio Excellence prizes is requested to notify CVARC prior to the judging of the prizes. The latest that this notification can take place will be when the student sets up the project's display just prior to judging. Pragmatically, this notification should take place well prior to that time, especially if the student desires mentoring assistance.

The CVARC judges will work with the Science Fair organizers to review the projects as registered to identify possible qualifying projects. And the CVARC judges will also canvass all of the projects displayed projects to identify possible qualifying projects. Unfortunately, it may be that the judges will overlook a project's qualifying merit--hence the strong recommendation that the student notify CVARC of their intent to compete for one of these prizes.

A "Notice of Intent to Qualify" for a Cumberland Valley Amateur Radio Club "Award for Radio Excellence" printable PDF can be downloaded here. The student should download and complete this form and submit it to CVARC well in advance of the judging.

You may also send your notice by email to providing the same information (your name, the project name, the name of any ham mentors, and your level--Intermediate, Junior, or Senior) that Email notification should take place no later than the day before your project is setup for judging.

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Posted on MAY 01, 2015