Authorizing Resolution for
"Award for Radio Excellence"

The Club's Authorizing Resolution for the Cumberland Valley Amateur Radio Club "Award for Radio Excellence"

The Cumberland Valley Amateur Radio Club (CVARC) will sponsor, for the Franklin County Science Fair, the Cumberland Valley Amateur Radio Club "Award for Radio Excellence". Up to four such prizes will be awarded to the junior or senior level entries, and up to two such prizes will be awarded to the intermediate level entries, that best explores some aspect of the physics of radio communication. Each of the prizes awarded will consist of a signed certificate and a $50 cash prize based on donations received.

The club intends that this prize sponsorship will be an ongoing project of the club. A prize fund will be maintained by the club's treasurer. CVARC will annually request donations to this fund. The number of prizes will depend on the amount of donations, and will be fixed by the donations available on the 15th of February of each year. Excess donations, or unawarded prizes, will be retained in the fund for future year's prizes. If the total donations for a year do not reach the designated level, the cash prize for that year will be the funds available, rounded down to the nearest multiple of $10.00. In the event CVARC decides to no longer sponsor this Science Fair prize, any undisbursed monies in the prize fund will be transferred to the club's repeater fund.


Authorizing Resolution
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Posted on MAY 01, 2015