This is the modest station that Darrell - N3QBI used to use back in the day. Left to right on the desk is an ICOM W32A HT, RadioShack PRO2015 scanner (the 'alert' receiver), ICOM R10 wideband monitor (when QBI really wants to do some serious listening), and the Kantronics KPC3 Packet TNC. On the first stack to the right is (top to bottom): "Lucky", his DX good luck charm, LDG Z100 tuner, Alinco DX70T HF rig, and the RIGBlaster interface. The second stack to the right is (top to bottom): RadioShack speaker (behind SWR meter), Para Dynamics SWR meter, ICOM IC2100H 2 meter rig. Not shown is the desk to the right containing the computer equipment.


Posted on MAY 01, 2015