The main purpose of the SKYWARN NET is for the gathering of severe weather information to be forwarded to the National Weather Service in State College, Pennsylvania. The SKYWARN NET is a regular Net with a Net Control (NCS). The SKYWARN NET run by C.V.A.R.C. is a simple Net with some very simple rules. First, anyone may pass weather information to the SKYWARN NET at any time. While it is better to have some SKYWARN training, this is not required. In fact, I would encourage everyone to check into a SKYWARN NET as the more reports we can send to the forecasters, the easier it is for them to develop a picture of what is happening here on the ground in Franklin County. Remember, although they have Doppler radar and satellites, NOTHING takes the place of human observation! And what we report helps them to tell others what to expect. Many severe storms are 'born' here and affect the major metropolitan areas.

Of course, any other Emergency traffic will take precedence in the SKYWARN NET. If you have a hazardous situation that you need to be reported to the authorities, please contact the SKYWARN NET CONTROL and have them relay the information immediately.


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Posted on MAY 01, 2015