When SKYWARN is not taking traffic, any Amateur may use the repeater. Please, however, leave breaks in between your transmissions so that someone may contact the Net Control if necessary. Also, the Net Control will, at 15 minute intervals, read from a prepared script giving the Net information and any severe weather bulletins that are active. If you spot severe weather, and do not hear a SKYWARN NET on the repeater, please give a call to SKYWARN. There is usually a NCS 'listening' in the background even though the Net has not been officially activated. Many times the Net is in a 'standby' mode because the activity has not reached our area and we are not ready to bring the full Net online. Also, if you are outside the county, please feel free to pass SKYWARN information via our Net. While we focus primarily on Franklin County, we will gladly take information from any of the surrounding areas.

The NOAA Weather Radio station info and listing for PA can be found here.

The NOAA Weather Radio station info and listing for MD can be found here.


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Posted on MAY 01, 2015