Email Lists
The only email lists that CVARC maintains are the membership roster or contact information for (Emergency Communication) Served Agencies. Neither email list is maintained on the CVARC website. The membership roster is freely available to members only--if a member does not wish certain of their information to be listed, contact a Club Officer to have that information removed from the list.

Except for the Buy/Sell/Swap area, this site does not carry commercial advertisments for other parties. We may freely promote the activities of neighboring ham's and clubs's; such promotion is at the discretion of the Club Officer.

External Links
The CVARC site contains links to other web sites; Cumberland Valley Amateur Radio Club is responsible for neither the privacy practices nor content of such sites.

The CVARC site does not use or store cookies on your computer.

If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy policy, or about any aspect of the this website, contact one of the Club's Elected Officers.

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Posted on MAY 01, 2015